The Distillation Technology Summary

Feed liquid from which water or other condensable vapor is to be removed enters a plate heat exchanger where it is heated by both the outgoing concentrate and the condensed vapors (distillate).  The heated feed liquid then passes into the special evaporator-condenser core.  The core consists of thin metal plates stacked to form channels which contain the liquid and vapor flows.  The feed liquid enters between every second evaporator plate where it boils and s concentrated.  The concentrate is discharged back through the heat exchanger giving up its heat to the incoming feed liquid. The steam or other condensable vapors released from the boiling feed liquid exits through openings, is separated from any droplet carry over, and is drawn into the compressor.  This pressurized vapor passes between each alternate condenser  plate where it gives  up its latent heat to boil the feed liquid on the other side of the plate. It exits as condensed clear mineral free (Pure) water through the heat exchanger where it gives up  its heat to the feed liquid. During the process the incoming feed water as well as the pure water are degassed to remove volatile gasses. The result of this process is pure water, bacteria, & gas free water.